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Banqueting House


The Banqueting House was built for court entertainment of the most lavish fashion. Court masques were held in this magnificent room almost 400 years ago underneath the ornately painted ceilings designed by the great master Peter Paul Rubens. Commissioned by Charles I in 1626 to honour the memory of his late father James I, the painted ceilings are the only works of Rubens to remain in their original location and are an unrivalled display of craftsmanship from the 17th century.

The Banqueting House was also the site of the execution of Charles I. Outside, on the pavement of Whitehall, a scaffold was erected and the King lost his head on 30th January 1649. A bust of the Monarch marks the spot at the Banqueting House. A monumental moment in England’s Royal history, this monumental building is a must-see for history buffs and art lovers alike.